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Freelin Wade

Freelin Wade offer a wide variety of plastic tubing and coiled hose including polyethylene, vinyl and polyurethane tube and hoses. Tubing is availabe in both metric and inch sizes. Extruded tubing is available in various tube counts. All tubing is available in multiple colors.


Aventics offers a variety of fittings in both the inch and metric sizes. Fitting types range from straight, elbows, T fittings, Y fitting, to flow meters and ball valves. Aventics offers a unique oval collett to aid in the removal of tubing from their fitting. Fitting are rated for pressure and vacuum.


FasTest specializes in leak and pressure testing connectors designed to improve manufacturing costs and efficiencies with quick, temporary connections to seal a wide variety of tubes, holes, thread profiles, and test piece features.

The result to you is:

*Eliminating bottlenecks in high volume testing applications

*FasTest product can be used without the need for wrenches, tapes, or sealants

*The other major benefit to you is that FasTest’s innovation eliminates damage to test pieces that occur with traditional methods of connecting.

Fast Tests accommodates a number of media including and industries including HVAC-R, Compressed Gas, Calibration, and Medical